Strengthening Research in TCIM

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Resources for capacity development in TCIM research

The WHO Traditional Medicine strategy (2014- 2023) has two keys goals: “to support Member States in harnessing the potential contribution of T&CM to health, wellness and people-centred health care and to promote the safe and effective use of T&CM through the regulation of products, practices, and practitioners”. In order to achieve those objectives, the strategy proposes that the Member States “building the (TCIM) knowledge base and formulating national policies ".

The WHO Traditional Medicine Strategy proposes that Member States should strive to:

  1. understand and recognize the role and possibilities of traditional and complementary medicine; and
  2. strengthen the knowledge base, gather scientific evidence and preserve resources.

In a survey conducted by WHO, Member States reported that one of the greatest difficulties they face is the lack of research data. The United States is a research leader in TCIM, however, most countries in the Region of the Americas have not invested enough in strengthening national research capabilities.

One of the purposes of this portal is to build a useful collection of relevant academic resources for researchers in training, junior and senior researchers. Such resources will be gathered, classified, and cured in this section. In the near future, we hope to develop online courses and other relevant electronic academic resources for TCIM researchers in the Region.

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