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    Probiotics, the Microbiome, and Host Immune Response (9/11)

    In this lecture divided into 11 chapters, Dr. Hibberd talks about the history of probiotics, explains about the efficacy and safety of probiotics, the use of omics technologies to help understand the microbiome and probiotic functionality, and about the Human Microbiome Project. She presents studies with evidences that prove the benefits of the use of probiotics for health.
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    Microbiota, Probióticos, Genómica, Terapias Complementarias, Ômicas, Human Microbiome Project

    Towards psychobiotics: the microbiome as a key regulator of brain and behavior (2/11)

    Online Continuing Education Series. NCCIH - Free online lectures

    In this lecture divided into 9 chapters, Dr. Cryan presentes the studies involving animal models, early-life microbiota manipulations, and probiotic administration in adulthood. Their research has shown that gut microbiota is essential for normal stress, antidepressant, and anxiety responses. Dr. Cryan will discuss his work as well as the concept of critical windows of time early in life when the ...
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    Tracto Gastrointestinal/microbiología, Trastornos Mentales/dietoterapia, Microbiota/fisiología, Conducta, Probióticos

    Patricia Hibberd Talks About Probiotics and Omics

    Dr. Patricia Hibberd answers some questions and explains about probiotics, fecal transplants, and omics technologies.
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    Probióticos, Lactobacillus, Micro-organismos, Ômicos
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