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    A Homeopatia é uma especialidade médica - Dr Luiz Darcy - Homeopatia Quebrando Tabus

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    Neural Basis of Mind-Body Pain Therapies (11/11)

    Online Continuing Education Series. NCCIH - Free online lectures

    In this lecture divided into 11 chapters, Dr Bushnell explains which brain regions are involved in pain processing and pain modulation; describes the effects of chronic pain on the brain and how psychologically based therapies influence these effects; discuss the differences in how emotional state and attentional focus alter pain; talks about the CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) as hy...
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    Terapias Mente-Cuerpo, Relaciones Metafisicas Mente-Cuerpo, Dolor/psicología, Empatía, Terapia Centrada en la Emoción, Terapia Cognitiva, Estimulación Encefálica Profunda, Terapia por Acupuntura, Hipnosis, Meditación, Yoga, Efecto Placebo, Terapia de estimulação
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