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    Social Regulation for Human Gene Expression (3/11)

    Online Continuing Education Series. NCCIH - Free online lectures

    In this lecture divided into 10 chapters, Dr. Cole presents his research and study about the biological pathways by which social environments influence gene expression by viral, cancer, and immune cell genomes. The emerging field of social genomics has begun to identity the types of genes subject to social regulation, the biological signaling pathways mediating those effects, and the genetic polym...
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    Expresión Génica, Medio Social, Estilo de Vida, Conductas Relacionadas con la Salud, Factores de Riesgo, Interacción Gen-Ambiente

    Towards psychobiotics: the microbiome as a key regulator of brain and behavior (2/11)

    Online Continuing Education Series. NCCIH - Free online lectures

    In this lecture divided into 9 chapters, Dr. Cryan presentes the studies involving animal models, early-life microbiota manipulations, and probiotic administration in adulthood. Their research has shown that gut microbiota is essential for normal stress, antidepressant, and anxiety responses. Dr. Cryan will discuss his work as well as the concept of critical windows of time early in life when the ...
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    Tracto Gastrointestinal/microbiología, Trastornos Mentales/dietoterapia, Microbiota/fisiología, Conducta, Probióticos

    Change Your Brain by Transforming Your Mind (1/11)

    Online Continuing Education Series. NCCIH - Free online lectures

    In this lecture divided into 8 chapters, Dr. Davidson presents the research broadly focused on the neural bases of emotion and emotional style and methods to promote human flourishing including meditation and related contemplative practices. An overview of studies conducted in laboratory on neural changes associated with different forms of meditation that might change specific brain and behavioral...
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    Conducta, Encéfalo, Psicofisiología, Meditación/psicología, Terapias Mente-Cuerpo, Síntomas Afectivos, Relaçao mente corpo

    Online Continuing Education Series - Free online lectures. NCCIH

    Includes 11 comprehensive videolectures from NCCIH about research in complementary health approaches. Topics range from mind-body pain therapies to acupuncture. These online videolectures provide an in-depth perspective on the current state of science, as related to complementary medicine. It was designed for physicians, nurses, and other allied health professionals interested in research and lea...
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    Terapias Complementarias, Educación Médica Continua, Medicina alternativa

    Tai Chi and Qi Gong for health and well being (all 5 Chapters)

    The video explains the benefits of practicing Qigon and Tai Chi Chuan for the general health and well-being of individuals, as part of complementary and integrative therapies. Includes demonstration of practices and exercises with the respective explanations.
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    Tai Ji, Qigong, Terapias Complementarias, Promoción de la Salud, Terapia por Ejercicio, Tai Chi Chuan

    MedlinePlus Videos & Cool Tools: MedlinePlus

    This video describes about the MedlinePLUS, a database designed specifically for caregivers, health consumers, patients and family members. It show how to realise a research on a specific subject or disease with examples of videos and all the resources available in the database.
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    Acceso a la Información, Educación del Paciente como Asunto, Servicios de Información, National Library of Medicine (U.S.), MedlinePlus

    Hypnosis and group support in medical care: altering perception and reality

    Dr. Spiegel, a world-renowned authority on mind/body interactions in medicine talks about his groundbreaking research, supported by rigorous clinical trials, provides a link between psychotherapeutic interventions and changes in brain function, mind/body interactions, emotional adjustment, and disease outcome that could alter the standard of care for those with medical illness such as chronic pai...
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    Hipnosis, Dolor/psicología, Psicoterapia de Grupo, Estrés Psicológico/terapia, Terapias Mente-Cuerpo, Cérebro

    Q & A with NCCAM Director Dr. Josephine P. Briggs. National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health. US

    Interview with Dr. Josephine P. Briggs, when she answers questions about use of complementary and alternative medicine, based on the 2007 National Health Interview Survey Data on U.S. which results that 38% adults in the USA are using some form of complemntary and alternative medicine. Dr. Briggs also addresses the role of NCCAM in supporting evidence-based research, brings rigorous science to t...
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    Terapias Complementarias

    Q and A with Dr. Robert Califf (NIH Heatlh Care Systems Research Collaboratory)

    Dr. Robert Califf draws comparisons between information-collecting practices used by businesses and the potential in using similar approaches with electronic health records. He also introduces the NIH Health Care Systems Research Laboratory and the National Patient-Centered Clinical Research Network, PCORnet, a collaborative system which develops a very large national network that involves ten of...
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    Atención Integral de Salud, Atención Dirigida al Paciente, Redes de Información de Ciencia y Tecnología, Interoperabilidad de la Información en Salud, Redes Comunitarias

    Ani Patel Talks About Musical Training and the Brain

    Dr. Ani Patel answer questions about how musical training might affect speech processing and reading, and cognitive functions in general. There´s evidence that musicians have better linguistic. Music exercises certain parts of the brain that are shared with language processing. He explain also that are studies and evidence between musical abilities and reading skills in children.
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    Habla, Musicoterapia, Cognición, Aprendizaje, Música
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