David Eyles - Homeopathy research into treating distress in lambs after tail ringing.

    David Eyles - Pesquisa de homeopatia no tratamento do sofrimento em cordeiros após o toque da cauda.


    Colección: Homeopathyresearch (HRI)

    Presents the experiment about lambs that usually have their tails docked at between 1 and 7 days old. The study was conducted to see if homeopathy could be used to ameliorate the discomfort. The conclusion was that a reduction of approximately one third in total distress was achieved using homeopathic Aconite, Arnica and Hypericum 200c and is a practical and cost effective means of improving animal welfare on the farm.

    Autor(es): Eyles, David Contribuidor(es): Homeopathy Research Institute (HRI), HRI Research Conference, 1st Barcelona Idioma: Inglés Duración: 2:45 Publisher: HRI Research Conference, 1st Barcelona
    Asunto(s): Homeopatía, Investigación Homeopática Básica, Ovinos, Cola (estructura animal), cordeiros, cauda ancorada
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