Dr Alex Tournier - Quantum coherence domains

    Dr Alex Tournier - Domínios de coerência quântica


    Colección: Homeopathyresearch (HRI)

    Presents an overview of Quantum Coherence Domains and how they differ and contrast from nano-particles. Understanding the physics behind the action of homeopathic dilutions has recently gathered momentum with the new links that have being drawn between homeopathy and the burgeoning field of nanoparticles. With the study the author presents evidence that quantum-nano-domains offer greater explanative power than conventional nanoparticles in a number of experimental settings. The evidence for these quantum-nano-domains will be reviewed, highlighting areas which remain problematic, and those open to further investigation and replication.

    Autor(es): Tournier, Alexander Contribuidor(es): Homeopathy Research Institute (HRI), HRI Research Conference, 1st Barcelona Idioma: Inglés Duración: 6:47 Publisher: HRI Research Conference, 1st Barcelona
    Asunto(s): Homeopatía, Investigación Homeopática Básica, Nanopartículas, Física, Coerencia quântica
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