Dr Alex Tournier - The mechanism of action in homeopathy

    Dr Alex Tournier - O mecanismo de ação na homeopatia


    Colección: Homeopathyresearch (HRI)

    Dr. Alex Tournier, Executive Director of the Homeopathic Research Institute, argues against the speech: "It can not work, therefore it does not work." He explains that there is evidence from scientific studies that prove the effectiveness of homeopathy. Discusses why finding the mechanism of action in homeopathy is important.

    Autor(es): Tournier, Alexander Contribuidor(es): Homeopathy Research Institute (HRI), HRI Research Conference, 1st Barcelona Idioma: Inglés Duración: 1:40 Publisher: HRI Research Conference, 1st Barcelona
    Asunto(s): Homeopatía, Investigación Homeopática Básica, Mecanismo de Acción del Medicamento Homeopático
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