Dr Elio Rossi - Cost benefit and scaling the Tuscany model in other regions.

    Dr Elio Rossi - Custo benefício e dimensionamento do modelo da Toscana em outras regiões.


    Colección: Homeopathyresearch (HRI)

    Dr. Elio Rossi, Director of Homeopathic Clinic Field Mars Provincial Hospital, Lucca, Italy, describes the results obtained in the use of homeopathy in the treatment of some diseases, compared with conventional treatment. It shows the cost-benefit obtained and the potential of the model used and the possibilities and advantages of expanding the experience in Tuscany, Italy, to other regions and countries.

    Autor(es): Rossi, Elio Contribuidor(es): Homeopathy Research Institute (HRI), HRI Research Conference, 1st Barcelona Idioma: Inglés Duración: 6:06 Publisher: HRI Research Conference, 1st Barcelona
    Asunto(s): Homeopatía, Atención Integral de Salud, Terapias Complementarias, Investigación Homeopática Básica
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