Rachel Roberts - Full scientific analysis of the Australian Report: an in-depth analysis of the highly influencial 2015 overview report on Homeopathy. Cutting Edge Research in Homeopathy. HRI Research Conference 3rd, Malta.

    Rachel Roberts - Análise científica completa do Relatório Australiano: uma análise profunda do Relatório Geral de 2015 altamente influente sobre Homeopatia. Cutting Edge Research in Homeopathy. HRI Research Conference 3rd, Malta.


    Colección: Homeopathyresearch (HRI)

    Dr Rachel Roberts, Executive Director of HRI, presents a comprehensive scientific review of the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council Report, NHMRC, produced between 2010/2015 on homeopathy, whose conclusions were that there is no reliable evidence that homeopathy is effective. Dr. Rachel exposes evidence of prejudice, misconception and bad practice in this highly influential and controversial report, which was also challenged by other researchers.

    Autor(es): Roberts, Rachel Contribuidor(es): Homeopathy Research Institute (HRI), HRI Research Conference 3rd, Malta, 2017 Idioma: Inglés Duración: 20:22 Publisher: HRI Research Conference 3rd, Malta
    Asunto(s): Homeopatía, Investigación Homeopática Básica, Sesgo, Sesgo de Publicación
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