Global technical coordination meeting on Traditional Medicine

The WHO Global Traditional Medicine Centre (GTMC) is organizing a global technical coordination meeting in New Delhi, India on 19 to 21 March 2024, followed by a WHO internal coordination meeting on 22 March 2024 at the TMC interim office in Jamnagar, India. Following up the action agenda set by the first WHO Global Traditional Medicine Summit in 2023, 65 experts from 31 countries in six WHO regions will discuss the implementation of the WHO TMC work plan 2024-25, of which major points are listed below. 

Additionally, the meeting participants will discuss the development of a global traditional medicine repository as a cross-cutting deliverable and global public health good. This repository will provide access to evidence-based information and resources on traditional, complementary, and integrative medicine (TCIM) and Indigenous Knowledges. The meeting will review existing repositories and define the scope, methodologies, governance, and technology required to establish the global repository.  

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